Commencement 2018

I attended my first Boston College Commencement this morning. I served as a faculty marshal, which meant I arrived early to Alumni Stadium and was able to greet most of the class of 2018 as they processed in for the ceremony.

the view from aisle D, before the procession

I was glad to be invited to serve as a marshal. This was a meaningful year for me to attend Commencement, because I’ve been at BC the same number of years as the graduating seniors. I’ve gotten to know many of them from my courses. One student, C., wrote a stellar honors thesis on medieval literature under my supervision this year. Another student, O., is off to law school and gave me the incredibly thoughtful thank-you gift of personalized stationery, which I discovered in my office this morning.

It was an appropriately celebratory event, on a warm sunny day. At the Provost’s reception this afternoon, I had the chance to catch up with some English Department colleagues outside of the grind of the semester. It’s been a good year. Now I’m looking forward to the summer.