About me

office croppedI teach and write about medieval English literature. My research focuses on meter and poetics (what makes poetry tick).

My first book was English Alliterative Verse: Poetic Tradition and Literary History (Cambridge University Press, 2016), which won the English Association Beatrice White Prize in 2018. I am at work on a second book, about English meter and the division of history into medieval and modern periods. With Irina Dumitrescu, I edited The Shapes of Early English Poetry: Style, Form, History (Medieval Institute Publications, 2019). With Alastair Bennett and Katharine Breen, I edit the Yearbook of Langland Studies. My writing on literature, politics, and higher education appears in NewsweekThe Atlantic, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Times Literary Supplement, and elsewhere.

At Boston College, I teach in the fields of medieval literature and poetics: usually both at once. I direct the MA program in the English Department. In collaboration with my students, I am building an interactive digital map of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and a digital textbook for Middle English alliterative poetry. I am also a poet, and my poems appear in several print and digital journals.

Originally from Greenport, New York, I spent nine years in Connecticut during college and graduate school. I live in Brookline, Massachusetts with my wife.