About me

weiskott-at-bc-cropped-bwI teach and write about medieval English literature. My research focuses on meter and poetics (what makes poetry tick).

My first book was English Alliterative Verse: Poetic Tradition and Literary History (Cambridge University Press, 2016). I am at work on a second book, about English meter and the division of history into medieval and modern periods. With Irina Dumitrescu, I am editing a collection of essays entitled The Shapes of Early English Poetry: Style, Form, History (under contract at Medieval Institute Publications). With Alastair Bennett and Katharine Breen, I edit the Yearbook of Langland Studies. My writing on literature and politics appears in NewsweekThe Atlantic, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Times Literary Supplement, and elsewhere.

At Boston College, I teach in the fields of medieval literature and poetics: usually both at once. In collaboration with my students, I am building an interactive digital map of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and a digital textbook for Middle English alliterative poetry. I am also a poet, and my poems appear in several print and digital journals.

Originally from Greenport, New York, I spent nine years in Connecticut during college and graduate school. I live in Brookline, Massachusetts with my wife.