Chaucer: Verse History. A practical and theoretical introduction to issues in medieval and modern poetics, focalized through Chaucer’s verse forms.

English Prosody and Poetics, 1300-1600 (tutorial by arrangement). A practical and theoretical introduction to issues in medieval and sixteenth-century poetics.

Game of Thrones: Medieval English Political Poetry. A study of English political verse, 1300-1600, centering on William Langland’s Piers Plowman.


Advanced Topic Seminar: Literary Approaches to the Past. A study of literary narratives set in the distant past, from Thomas Malory to Mark Twain.

Chaucer. An introduction to Chaucer’s poetry, including but not limited to his masterpiece, the Canterbury Tales. With a companion website.

Introduction to British Literature and Culture I. A survey of British literature from the beginnings to 1700, emphasizing connections between literature and social power.

Literature Core: Doppelgangers. A general introduction to literary and cultural analysis through the lens of the doppelganger motif, from Beowulf to Blade Runner.

Middle English Alliterative Poetry. An introduction to the major non-Chaucerian Middle English poetic tradition, from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Piers Plowman. With a companion website.

Studies in Poetry. A general introduction to poetry and poetics organized around significant poetic traditions, from tetrameter to free verse.