Digital humanities


“Prosody: Alternative Histories.” A Colloquy for Arcade: Literature, Humanities, and the WorldA curated, multimedia, open-ended digital conversation, focusing on the historical perplexities of the study and practice of versification. Forthcoming. With Natalie Gerber.

New England Medieval Consortium.” An informational website for a regional scholarly association. Created with Gregory Halfond.

Mapping Chaucer.” A set of collaborative and interactive maps representing Geoffrey Chaucer’s life, the frame narrative of his Canterbury Tales, and the worlds of individual tales, using MediaKron. An ongoing project supported by a Boston College Academic Technology Advisory Board Expoloratory Technology Grant. The undergraduate research assistant for fall 2016 was Francesca Williams.

Middle English Alliterative Poetry.” A collaborative digital textbook for my undergraduate seminar, using MediaKron and Google My Maps. Work on the project in academic year 2015/2016 was supported by a Boston College Academic Technology Advisory Board MediaKron Special Project Grant.

Gawain in 101 tweets.” A translation of the Middle English alliterative poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in 101 tweets for 101 stanzas.

Digitally Enabled Scholarship with Medieval Manuscripts.” Assistant for Digital Humanities to Alastair Minnis and Barbara A. Shailor, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarly Communications and Information Technology grant, Yale University. This project, a collaboration between medievalists, computer scientists, conservation experts, and digital collections experts, used multispectral imaging to quantify differences in the colors of ink pigments in Middle English manuscripts. A 2014 conference presentation on manuscripts of John Gower’s poetry, co-authored with Shailor, is available here. I have written an essay about the methods and results of the project.


For Better for Verse. An interactive learning tool that can help you understand what makes metered poetry in English tick. From the University of Virginia.

Google My Maps. Basic tool for creating public or private custom maps.

Lit Genius. A repository of medieval and modern literary texts that can be edited and annotated with text, images, and videos in real time by anyone.

MediaKron. A toolkit for digital curation and storytelling. From Boston College.

Mirador Viewer. An image viewer designed for the study of medieval manuscripts. From Yale University.