Public writing

Medieval literature and social justice

Literature and Revolution.” Medium 28 March 2018. On dissent and literary reading in 1381 and 2018.

The First Day of Spring, Then and Now.” Medium 20 March 2018. On medieval literature and climate change.

The 13th-century revolution that made modern poetry possible.” Aeon 15 September 2017. On alliterative verse and what came after it.

Did the Middle Ages End?” The Medieval Magazine 31 July 2017. On periodization.

Melisandre’s prophecy is, like, totally medieval.” 29 July 2017. On a scene in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2.

Millennial bashing in medieval times.” The Conversation 5 July 2017. On medieval and modern anxieties that young people are ruining society.

History in the Future Tense.” The Account 1 May 2017. On the forgotten art of political prophecy, medieval and modern.

Feeling ‘British’.” The Public Medievalist 28 March 2017. On Britishness as a racial category in medieval Britain.

Poor people, in the abstract.” Times Literary Supplement 19 January 2017. Comparing attitudes toward poverty in Piers Plowman and twenty-first-century American political discourse.

Before ‘Fake News’ Came False Prophecy.” The Atlantic 27 December 2016. Comparing medieval British and twenty-first-century American political discourse.

Higher education

How to get your research published.” 29 March 2018. A step-by-step guide to publishing articles in academic journals (in the humanities).

Why educate?” Boston College Magazine winter 2018: 48-9. Twenty-first-century US ideologies about institutions of higher education in deep historical context.

What Is Education For? – To Kill a Mockingbird and Medieval Literature.” How Did We Get into This Mess? 30 November 2017. On Biloxi School District and book-banning.

There Is No Such Thing as ‘the Digital Humanities’.” Chronicle of Higher Education 1 November 2017. On the relationship between ideas and institutions.

What’s the point of learning? Piers Plowman and education today.” Fair Field 3 October 2017. Twenty-first-century US ideologies about institutions of higher education in deep historical context.

Teaching with Collaborative Digital Textbooks.” Inside Higher Ed 14 June 2017. On a new pedagogical tool.

Petitions and the Power of Poetry/Students Should Be Taught New Kinds of Poetry.” Inside Higher Ed 14 April 2017. On the teaching of poetry and decolonizing the curriculum.

Success in academia involves a lot of failure.” 17 January 2017. On professional failure.

Politics now (and then)

The false equivalence of ‘false equivalence’.” 7 May 2017. Against political discourse in the comparative mode.

Political fictions.” 6 March 2017. On Trump’s executive orders on immigration and the traps of nationalism, viewed in the context of medieval British literature.

There’s Nothing Medieval about Trump.” How Did We Get into This Mess? 23 February 2017. Contextualizing the idea that the Trump administration is taking us back to the Middle Ages.

The dangers of echo chambers in newsrooms.” 12 December 2016. Responding to a New York Times op-ed about liberal bubbles on college campuses.


Curator, with Anna Kijas and Sarah Melton, “Desegregating Boston’s Schools: Crisis and Community Activism, 1963-1977.” John J. Burns Library, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2017-2018. An exhibit on the history of the Boston busing controversy.