Foundational course for the use of digital scholarship in the humanities. By the end of the course, students will have a grounding in what digital scholarship is as well as an arsenal of techniques for utilizing DS in their own work.

Note: I am not a coder. I will be running this version of the introductory digital humanities colloquium as a methods course punctuated by a speaker series. I have won an internal teaching grant to invite (and remunerate) scholars and librarians with digital and subject-area expertise to speak with us and lead in-class workshops. Topics of interest within our respective disciplines will arise from our readings in scholarship about ‘the digital humanities’; from our careful examination of some existing digital projects and ongoing controversies relating to the use of digital research methods; and from our conversations with guest speakers.


Analog hangovers: Genealogies and politics of digital scholarship
Case study: Early English drama and literary stylometry
Workshop: ArcGIS and 3D printing
Case study: Spatial history and the nineteenth century
Workshop: 3D modeling
Case study: Multispectral imaging of premodern European manuscripts
Workshop: Digitization
Case study: The digital Black Atlantic
Workshop: Teaching with digital technology

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